Liverpool Foodbanks & Black tie dinner

On the day before the LFC – Tottenham match, a few Swiss Liverbirds were able to take part in the ‘Black tie dinner’, a dinner organised by the club for dozens of LFC fans from all over the world (OLSC members).

Most of the proceeds from the evening were donated to the reds’ charity, the LFC Foundation.
And more importantly, we paid a visit to the Foodbanks Liverpool Foundation, to which Swiss Liverbirds donated £1,000 (around CHF 1,200).

This is not the first time this season that Swiss Liverbirds has made a donation to this charity.
On your next trip to Liverpool, don’t hesitate to drop in with a shopping bag full of food or a small banknote.

This foundation collects food and funds in favour of the most deprived people in the Liverpool region.

Donation to the Foodbank

Black tie dinner