Our supporters club is established as an association under Article 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code under the name « Swiss Liverbirds Official LFC Supporters Club » and is recognized by Liverpool FC as Official LFC Supporters Club.

The official seat of our association is in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Our Supporters Club is a non-profit association. Our aim is to promote Liverpool FC in Switzerland and the development of culture, sport in general and football in particular. We observe complete  neutrality in political, racial or religious matters.

Our Supporters Club provides a constant support to Liverpool FC , within the limits of its Articles of Association and contract with Liverpool FC.


Members of the board

Chairman : Virginie Miserez
Secretary : Aline Cortat Champion
Treasurer : Jérôme Murisier
Media coordinator : Alexis Dumuid
Activities coordinator: Ivano Quaratiello
Merchandising coordinator : Laurent Demierre

Tickets coordinators : Virginie Miserez, Laurent Demierre, Alexis Dumuid